New Energy Manufacture Machine-Building Medicine & Chemical


Customer Background and Challenges:

The customer is a manufacturing facility of a worldwide renowned company in tool industry, the company has a number of facilities in mainland China which specialized manufacturing single or similar category. The customer has a little small volume of business, but relative large indirect materials usage in several fixed work stations, so there is a large extent affected the efficiency of workers for frequently requisition in daily operation; in addition, the plant has some high value indirect materials which required precise tracking to reduce the using waste.

Cribsolution Solution:

Cribsolution deployed vending machines for customer’s large usage or high-value indirect materials to match the users’ requirements and the layout of the work stations, based on the historical picking data and on-site work research, achieved the minimum work move on picking materials and self-pick, moreover, Cribsolution consolidated the existing employee cards to the personal information identification cards of the vending machines. As a part of the Cribsolution’s indirect materials management system - Cribsolution System®, the vending machines also ensured the real-time transaction recording and tracking.

Based on real-time data sharing supported by Cribsolution System®, Cribsolution provided JIT solution for the indirect materials out of the vending machine to meet the customer’s daily requirements.

Customer’s Benefits:

The users’ picking time is saved more than 60% since vending machine put into use; and the use-cost under the same output value decreased by about 12% through the high-value materials usage tracking.