Smart Warehouse Intelligent Cloud

Smart Warehouse

1.VOI Warehouse

Cribsolution will arrange safety stock preparation based on customer’s historic data and replenish materials to the onsite crib or vending machines. At this time, the materials property still owned by Cribsolution. Customer can pick up the goods at any time then the materials owner transferred to customer. Customer will based on the agreed settlement period and actual pick up data to make payment to Cribsolution.

The core of VOI Warehouse is the change of business model between Cribsolution and its customer which also lead to the change of Logistics Model.From the entire implementation phase, both parties have the planed synergistic business model first. Due this, logistics movement generated and finally the operation of Commercial trend come true after actually consuming the item.

In the model of VOI Warehouse, although the ownership of the material belongs to Cribsolution, but the usage rights and controlling power belong to customer. And the operation of inventory should take inventory-related materials planning into consideration. For enterprises, their stock is entrusted with Cribsolution.

2.Vending machine

Different forms of intelligent devices nearby the production line.You can find the needed item that you can take away quickly with the information of real-time inventory and material picture. Support 7*24 hours onlineservice. Power plug and play in the workshop with independently cabinet. Compact, and have a small footprint. Due to Wireless remote control technology, Cribsolution can carry out intensive remote data management. Have a Integrated Internet advertising platform. Card Reader and barcode scanner to login. Materials classified storage, single recipient, reclaiming rapidly. It has a friendly interface and easy to operate. Streamlining staff, reduce labor costs. Improve service, provide customized multi-style report.

3.Unattended intelligent warehouse

The New Warehouse Management based on RFID technology will change the traditional way of working with the warehouse management process.We put all the key elements into RFID tag, and we can realize efficient management in the core business process of warehouse management, such as issue, receive, inventory and stock control. Compared to barcode, RFID technology has the advantages like identify with a far distance, fast, difficulty to damage, high capacity. It can simplify complicated work procedure, improve warehouse management efficiency and transparency, maintaining lean enterprise business operations.

The main advantage of RFID warehouse management in its non-contact data acquisition and radio-frequency tag which have read /write rights. Due to the reason that high recognition rate, adaptability, resistance to light, temperature, humidity, dust, grease, chemical reagents features, RFID warehouse management systems are particularly suitable for special circumstances in various industries. Cribsolution System indirect material management system can do data collection and management of daily operations through RFID technology. Within this it can set up indirect Materials RFID information management platform and support the business processes of indirect materials warehouse management. This system has a significant effect on the core business process efficiency such as issue, receive and inventory. It can also bring out automatically identify, trackand share information, bringing productivity, accuracy, and profitability improved services.