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Addtime:2016-11-23 Source:Cribsolution

Background introduction: 

Cribsolution is an integration MRO supply chain service company.

As the share of manufactory company shrinking, inventory of dealer increase every year, profit of productions becomes less, production of customer becomes less, how to survival is the most emergency task of every enterprise. Revolution of Manufactory Company is coming. 

According to a research, there are two vision of company change management:

1, improvement, increasing the value of enterprise

2, management, improving the efficiency of the employee

How to do it? Most enterprises are walking on the blazer, but there are some excellent enterprises can change by themselves.

Today, our gust Cribsolution is a company that changes itself by fission entrepreneurship and now it is a successful MRO outsourcing service company. 

Interviewee: At the early age, Cribsolution already realized that innovation will be the power of a company and looked for a solution. At 2013, by visiting Cribmaster in U.S., Cribsolution acquired the only permit of software and hardware. Meanwhile, Cribsolition know that service is another competitive power. The purchasing management and TCO management have a lot gaps to improve.


Interviewer: I heard that Cribsolution already had a prefect system of fission entrepreneurship. I am very interested, can you introduce it?

Interviewee: As you see, most of our employees are the stock holder or the stock holder of project. Except of their own payment, they also get dividents. Company is helping its employees to achieve their own value of life. After every big customer comes in, company will check its supply china to make sure whether it suitable for ‘personal’ project. After this project initials, employees can title themselves as project manager to manage this program, and this program will become the platform that employees can join the management of company. Project manager can hiring people according to the project; our suppliers and customers also can join this project. This excellent system and flexible collaboration make an virtuous cycle in company; partner will get the most source share and profit share. 

Interviewer: So it is a covert award system?

Interviewee: It is quite different form award system. Award system is to encourage employees to find new customers and after ensure this customer, company pay award. Fission entrepreneurship is to let employees think they own this company, so this will inspire employees doing better service and going forward by themselves form a manager’s angle. 

In this interview, we heard more voice. 

Interviewee Leo----The first one of fission entrepreneurship 

For me, Cribsolution is an place that I can start my own business. In here, every employee can be the boss, no matter you are an employee, our competitor or anyone who has common interest can cooperate with us to gain mutual benefit. I have a special feeling of Cribsolution, it carries my dream. I patrol in customer’s warehouse every day and mentor my inventory manager. According to the customer’s situation, inventory manager give accuracy feedback, manage inventory and do replenishment. We make customized project for those who need and we have a lot talented people and intelligentize warehouse management system. This is my work and this is my career.

Interviewee Vicky

I have worked at Cribsolution for 2 years; the content of work varies according to the development of company. My works on hand are Green supply chain declaration, ISM meeting, and strategic partner. Except of all those works, I will do focusing on industrial development, communicating with clients. I am following the waves of market to do more comfort service to our customers. Our marketing target is lower the cost. This company changes my opinion of third service industry; I believe my dream will come true here.  

Right now, Cribsolution is clear division of duty’s new service company. The functions of company are sales department, marketing department, project department, finance department, HR department, and supply chain department.

Facing the competition in industry, Cribsolution leads the revolution, opens new era, and brings lots add-on value.