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Indirect material warehouse outsourcing

Management consulting

In the early stage of the project, Cribsoltion could consult with you about your MRO purchasing problems and provide advices.

Logistics distribution

Cribsolution is responsible for deliveringthe materials to customer factory, also can arrange field personnel deliver materials to the station.

Supply chain management

Cribsolution is responsible for the customer's MRO purchasing outsourcing, supplier selection, price negotiation, standardized material classification, standardized materials description, standardized material code, setting up information platform for the procurement, and professional selection Suggestions, etc.

On-site management

Cribsolution providessite personnel in customer siteto provide you the close-fitting service on site

Data management

Cribslotion provides professional material management system, which can manage your site material data, provide professional customized reports, provide related material drawing reportstimely, inventory report, dull material report, the safety stock report, etc., and at the same time discuss with you about related data and find a solution, finally help you to achieve the purpose of reducing inventory.

Warehouse management

Cribsolution provides warehouse management on site, cooperate with site personnel and inventory control management system to provide real- time service for you.