New Energy Manufacture Machine-Building Medicine & Chemical

Medicine & Chemical

Customer Background and Challenges:

The customer is a US-funded cosmetic factory, used automated equipment for continuous production, the main indirect materials is the production accessories and maintenance tools, the plant management executive committed its efforts to reduce non-core business operating cost, and intends to outsource the indirect materials supply chain, but cannot allow external personnel entered the workshop for confidentiality reason.

Cribsolution Solution:

Cribsolution launched reduplicate used production accessories and maintenance tools to a unmanned intelligent storeroom which deployed in the workshop based on advanced communication of customer management requirements and analysis of 2 years historical transactions data. The user could simply enter the storeroom with an authorized personnel card (RFID), pick up their supplies, and return to work, the transaction will be automatically logged & recorded in the indirect materials management system - Cribsolution System®, achieved entire self-recipients. Cribsolution also provided JIT service for temporary materials out of the unmanned intelligent storeroom, took the responsibility for the management & integration of customer's original suppliers.

Customer’s Benefits:

Cribsolution unmanned intelligent storeroom only needs simply reformed by M workshop existing warehouse, and increased picking efficiency while minimizing the stockman, monitoring real-time transactions. According to actual consumption and demand forecasting, Cribsolution improved the efficiency of procurement and replenishment. Cribsolution also achieved the accounting of indirect materials costs for each production line by flexible cost center setting, supported the customer’s further management improvements.