Indirect material warehouse outsourcing Indirect material purchasing function outsourcing Value added service outsourcing

Indirect material purchasing function outsourcing

Cribsolution stead customer to management their original material which are in project.

Customer retains the ownership of the materials, Cribsolution provide warehouse and material outbound service, and give priority to consume in the settlement

Stead purchasingservice

In implementation: to adopt the same price switch (excluding the third party agreement material).

Dull inventory dealing

New inventory generated after taking over the inventory, Cribsolution will provide treatment suggestions to you each month, you only responsible for the materials which are over the normal stock time.

Inventory information sharing

For your multiple factory inventory information, Cribsolution will share inventory information through material management system and cloud platform.

Product recycling

Making accurate material descriptions for those descriptions is not clear. Unifying the same function materials in whole group or whole domestic factory

Product optimization

Optimizing existing materials, recommend more cost-effective material to reduce your material cost.

Electronic catalog and product platform

Cribsloution can help you to build customized electronic catalog and product platform, making you could place through the platform to simplify your temporary procurement process.