Smart Warehouse Intelligent Cloud

Intelligent Cloud

Through a unified data platform, the system collected the data during the production so that can do efficient analysis and generate multidimensional multilevel management reports. These reports may contain cost control, output library, material flow, detail issue report, staff efficiency and material loss rate. Through thisit can enhance the effective promotion of enterprise management level and provide accurate data for their top management. Based on the barcode management of item we can accelerate the process such as issue, return, receive, transfer item.Finally we greatly improvedthe operational efficiency ofwarehouseman.

The system use FIFO control on the item. Material inventory and sluggish stock alarm. It could connect to intelligent storage equipment. The property of each item has a clear picture and real-time inventory information. Due this the staff can find and get the item he needed quickly. Support remote accessand control,real-time reportingdata generation. Cribsolution will help customers to build a unified information platform. We provide standard interface to the customer’s equipment and system such as ERP, APS and so on. Through a variety of information processing and integration, we ultimately help companies realize the data interconnection.