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Value added service outsourcing

Procurement process simplified

Cribsolution’s service solution can fully simplify your procurement process, provide one-stop service. You could change you state from management many suppliers to only Cribsolution one supplier.

Cost down advantage

Cribsolution can help you to cost down by providing one-stop services, integrating supply chain, making full use of cribsolution’s scale effect. At the same time, through outsourcing mode, Cribsolution could reduce your procurement staff and warehouse personnel to reduce your cost. Cribsolution also provide cost down solution through product optimization.

Clear material information

Cribsolution material management model can provide you clear material information, change your vulgar rough MRO material management in past.

Customized reports

Cribsolution can customize reports according to your requirements, making you clearly know the material information, abnormal condition, inventory condition, etc.

Dull inventory dealing

Cribsolution can make full use of its advantages in more customers to help you share thedull inventory of general material resource, to achieve the purpose of reducing your dull inventory.

The decrease of overall inventory

Cribsolution’s services can help you to closely monitor the status of recipients, strictly control the safety stock setting, helping you to reduce the total inventory reasonably though fine-management.